Friday Whatnot: October 24

Fans of the BBC series Doctor Who might be interested in this in-depth look into the hidden lives and mysteries of the monsters from the series. The fully illustrated color compendium packaged with removable artwork commissioned exclusively for the book goes on sale next Tuesday, October 28, 2014.

In his interview with David Daley in SalonStephin Merritt explains that when he wrote the poems accompanying each of the 101 two-letter words from his new book, he did not have musical lyrics in his head. Instead, the Magnetic Fields singer-songwriter had Lizzie Borden took an ax and gave her mother 40 whacks in his head. “That was the rhythm I used for the whole book, pretty much,” he says. “Not quite. But that was the template.”

101 Two-Letter Words by Stephin Merritt, illustrated by Roz Chast has been out since September 29, 2014.

We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live is a documentary about Joan Didion. “Made with Joan, using Joan’s words,” explains Griffin Dunne on Kickstarter. Dunne is Joan Didion’s nephew, and the Kickstarter campaign he created to fund the project was launched on Wednesday, and surpassed the goal on Thursday.

300 Seconds: January IndieNext Nominations

indienext-logo1Once Halloween arrives, it’s difficult to get your bearings until after Christmas. So take 5 minutes today and plan for your IndieNext nominations. The IndieNext deadline for books released in January 2015 and beyond is November 4. It’s a little more than a week away, so you have plenty of time to submit your nomination.

The ABA makes nominating titles easy. Use this form on their website or click here to send an email. They recommend that you write conversationally, as if you were handselling to a customer. (And they even promise to take care of grammar and punctuation.)

I say “January 2015 and beyond” because the ABA will accept any nominations for books released after January. So if you just finished a book that will not be released until March, go ahead and nominate it. They’ll hold onto the nomination until the appropriate time.

We’ve got spirit, yes we do…

It’s always fun when your team is playing. And it’s even more fun when librarians represent.

Librarians at the Kansas City Public Library and the San Francisco Public Library have taken to sparring through their respective Twitter accounts. And James Dator at SB Nation is calling it round-by-round.

It’s fun content to share even if your team isn’t playing. Especially when librarians yell in hushed tones.

Independent Bookstore Day Bags

Roz Chast bagsIf you are celebrating Independent Bookstore Day on May 2, 2015 and would like to order canvas bags to help promote it, the deadline is this Saturday, October 25.

The canvas bags feature art by Roz Chast and can be imprinted.

Eileen Dengler, director of the New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association says, “The bags will serve as an important marketing and publicity tool for Independent Bookstore Day, help fund Independent Bookstore Day, and contribute to each bookstore’s bottom line.”

Bags wholesale for $7.50 each to bookstores participating in Independent Bookstore Day on May 2, 2015 and must be ordered in increments of 20. The suggested retail price is $15, but stores are free to set their own price. The price to stores includes free freight and the bags are non-returnable.

“We are not planning another print run, so please order what you think you can sell from November through May 2 and beyond,” says Dengler. “These are limited editions.”

To order bags for your store, click here.

How to Draw a Cartoon Vampire (or Lawyer)

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a how-to video for kids. Christopher Hart provides step-by-step instruction of how to draw a cartoon vampire with an insincere look. “Because vampires and lawyers are always drawn with insincere looks,” he says.

Hart’s new book, Monstrously Funny Cartoonswould make a great guide for an authorless event for kids. In fact, his website is full of these how-to videos.

He is very active on Facebook, both asking and answering thoughtful questions.