300 Seconds: Social Media Updates

There are a few updates in social media recently that captured my attention.

First, Snapchat is now offering on-demand geofilters. They are available on both personal and business accounts in the United States, Canada, and the UK, with more locations coming soon. Prices begin at $5 and are determined by the length of time the geofilter is available and the location.

You can create your own, which would be perfect for events at the store, or they have Illustrator and Photoshop templates available for download. The geofilters need to be approved by Snapchat, and they estimate that the approval process would take one day.

All of the guidelines can be found at the link provided above, but generally, you can only use logos or trademarks for which you are authorized; you cannot use photographs of people; no URLs, phone numbers or emails are allowed; and no drug-related content is permitted.

I’ve also seen a lot of reaction to the new Facebook reaction buttons this week. You know… the buttons that allow you to more than “like” a post or photo.

But my favorite was captured in this GIF:


Beth Golay

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