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Books & Whatnot is free news, information, and inspiration for booksellers. Our goal is to make bookselling easier by providing manageable marketing tips and tidbits. It’s meant to be short so it doesn’t take up too much time and Booksellers can get back to business. We offer several types of banner advertising. To inquire about ad placement, request design assistance, or place an ad, please complete the form below.

“I love your marketing and promotional tips and emails! I have benefited from it so much already! Thank you! Thank you!” – Melanie Green, owner | Bluebird Books, Hutchinson, KS

“Keep these up! They’re great!” – Christine Onorati | Word Bookstore, Brooklyn, NY

“We all love what you are doing with B&W around here.” – Martin Schmutterer | Common Good Books, St. Paul, MN

“I know that I’ve said this before, but I have to thank you again for doing what you do. You work in this business so long and think you’ve got a handle on it but it turns out that there’s still so much to learn from your peers. The staff is going to benefit a lot from this.” – Javier Ramirez | The Book Table, Oak Park, IL

Email Delivery Advertising
Articles are posted to in a timely manner, and a round-up is delivered to the inboxes of subscribers weekly. Because our focus is specifically booksellers, our list is made up of the people selling books every day, and the people making decisions about bookstore operations. Since our first edition on January 1, 2014, our list has grown to just over 1,100, with over 85% of those being booksellers. If you’re promoting a book, service, or product, our list and format make the best advertising opportunity.
Advertising Rates are listed as price per issue.
  • Top Banner – $50
  • 1st Article Banner -$30
  • Following Article Banners – $20

We also create ads and landing pages with curated content for booksellers. (Examples One, Two, Three & Four)

Ad Rates with Curated Landing Page 1x 3x 5x
Top Banner/Landing Page $250 $400 $500
1st Article Banner/Landing Page $200 $320 $400
Following Article Banner/Landing Page $150 $240 $300

Artwork and link URL must be received by Noon Central three days prior to reader delivery.

Technical Specifications:
Ads should be provided in jpg, png, or gif format with a resolution of 72dpi and in RGB color format. If you have questions, feel free to ask for help.


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