Video: “The Most Important 20 Minutes of Your Day”

Rosemary Wells is beloved by teachers and parents, and in this video from Candlewick Press, she talks about reading aloud to children as “the great leveler” which can put all children entering kindergarten on an even playing field, regardless of socioeconomic disparities.

The video would be great content to share on your website or through social media because I wouldn’t consider it a hard-sell of books, but instead as necessary information that parents and teachers would want. It’s useful and sharable content.

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IndieNext for March… due today!

It’s time to send in nominations for the March 2018 IndieNext list. They are due today, January 3, 2018, at midnight (PST).

Just a reminder… these blurbs do not have to be perfect. The folks at the ABA will even help with grammar and whatnot. Either email your nomination to or use the online form.

And looking ahead, there’s another deadline approaching this month. Nominations for the IndieNext Spring 2018 Kids’ List are due on Thursday, January 11, 2018.

Looking for a blank calendar? Here’s one for 2018.

Looking for a blank calendar? Here’s one for 2018.

If my analytics are accurate, I think you like having blank calendars available at your fingertips. You clicked on the 2017 blank calendar that I provided last year more than any other content. And not just in January!

The beautiful thing about this calendar is not that it’s beautiful, but that it’s a 12-page PDF of the most basic printable calendar. And if you’re planning your year, you can print the whole thing. Just need a few months for summer planning? Select pages 5-8 for printing. Outlining 4th quarter bookclub selections? Just print pages 10-12. It’s actually one thing that should be reliable all year.

So here’s the 2018 Blank Calendar. Be sure to bookmark it for easy access. And happy planning.

For those final holiday missives…

Because proper grammar and style never take a holiday.


The 2017 Book Concierge

The 2017 Book Concierge

NPR’s 2017 Book Concierge comes out today! Here’s the link!

The Book Concierge is a web-based app that features more than 300 titles NPR staff and critics loved throughout year. This list has been published annually since 2008. It includes filters like “staff picks” and “book club ideas” and “eye-opening reads” and dozens more that can be combined to help listeners find their next great read.

Independent bookstore patrons tend to be NPR listeners, so it’s not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the list (even though you’ve probably read everything on it).

In fact, if you provide book coverage for your local NPR station, there’s a good chance your reviews were submitted to the Book Concierge project; if any match the books on the list this year, a link to your coverage will be included.