Five Questions (Plus One!) with Avi

Candlewick recently released this video: Five Questions (Plus One!) with Avi, to celebrate his newest book, The Most Important Thing: Stories About Sons, Fathers & Grandfathers.

If you want to know about Avi’s earliest memory of writing, the part of his book that he’s most proud of, who he thinks the perfect reader for his book is, the best advice he’s ever been given, and more, check it out.

Candlewick Press is on Twitter @Candlewick, and the hashtag for this campaign is #mostimportantthing. And if you’d like to embed the video on your website or in your newsletter, here’s the code:

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Beth Golay

Beth is a reader, writer, marketer and Books & Whatnot founder. Even though she knows better, she's a sucker for a good book cover and will positively swoon if a book is set in appropriate type. @BethGolay