J.A. White: Writer and Teacher

J.A. White teaches elementary school in New Jersey. His new book, The Thickety: A Path Begins, was released this week and is recommended for ages 10 and up. He has a fantastic website, featuring a link to the book trailer (really well-done, click above) as well as links to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

But I especially like his blog. Written specifically for teachers, White shares some of the writing lessons he has used in class. He says, “A lot of these can be done in a short, ten-minute period; I’m a big fan of writing exercises and fun little games.” Some of the topics include:

  • Journal Entries for Point-of-View
  • Journal Writing Presentation Tricks
  • Helping Students Distinguish Between Interior and Exterior Writing
  • Modifying Journal Prompts
  • Student Writing Resolutions
  • Describing the Setting in Three Sentences

I mentioned that White is active on Twitter. In fact, he has charming tweets about his book, students and school, including a photo of the “FANTASTIC t-shirts” his school made. I also love this one:


Beth Golay

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