Backlist to the Future

Javier Ramirez and the staff at The Book Table in Oak Park, IL, had a problem. They realized they carried surface books and new titles, but they wanted to find a way to promote backlist.

“We initially thought about this when The Goldfinch came out,” says Ramirez. “We were amazed that people were not aware of Donna Tartt’s other books.”

So the staff collectively came up with a way to promote a forthcoming title along with that author’s backlist.

They came up with Backlist to the Future.

They printed the cover images of forthcoming titles and release dates, and then displayed them selected titles from that author’s backlist. The store also included a promotion, explained through their display signage: “Purchase a backlist title from a featured author and you’ll be entered to win a future release from one of the authors featured on this display.”

“The timing of the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future was perfect,” he told me. “It allowed us to take our message, add some marketing in a clever way, and come up with this display.”

Here’s a look at their Backlist to the Future display. And here’s a link to other displays in our gallery.

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Beth Golay

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