Let There Be Light(boxes)

cinemasign screenshot-2016-12-07-13-10-38The brightest thing in your front window is probably the sign that says, “Open.” That’s a crucial bit of information you need to show the world, but are there other messages you could get in front of the casual viewer. How about “Books Hot Off the Press” or “Readers Welcome”?

Cinema-style signs are available at home decor stores and online (see here and here… and here). Be alert when you shop for light boxes. Some are powered by batteries or a USB connection; others can be plugged into a wall socket. Be sure you chose the option that’s best for you.

There is no shortage of video tutorials on how to make your own lightbox sign. You can make the box in just the size you need or go all the way and make both the box and the letters, too.

Don’t want to keep track of all those letters? Make a permanent sign to announce “Live author 7 pm” or “Free recommendations.” Those will never go out of style.

(Hat tip to John Mesjak for this idea. Thanks, J.)

David Enyeart

David Enyeart has been a bookseller in Minnesota for the past ten years. He likes to read crime novels, popular history, and anything about Communism.