Video Clip: An Event at {pages} a bookstore

When I was at Watermark, I was always amazed at how often I’d hear, while working the post-its in the signing line, “I’ve never been to a book reading before.” The natural response was, “Well, I’m glad you’re here now!” Or if they were grinning, “What did you think? Did you enjoy it?”

The market researcher in me wanted to ask, “Why not? What brought you here tonight? Was it the author? Was it a friend? Do you have a fear of the unknown? Do you have small children? Do you not leave the house because your kids have homework or activities?” (I hadn’t mastered the Quick & Dirty survey at that point.) I never asked, but my gut feeling is would-be attendees are reluctant because they do not know what to expect.

{pages} a bookstore in Manhattan Beach, CA found a solution. In their store newsletter, they have a section in the sidebar that reads, “If you have never attended one of {pages} events and wonder what to expect, take a look at this video clip…”

The video features an evening event with three local poets, and incorporates both video and still shots. It was shot by Erik Linthorst, a professional film maker whose wife, Jennie Linthorst, was reading at the event.

“He videotaped the night (a poetry night), edited it, and sent us the video,” said Margot Farris, who co-owns {pages} with Patty Gibson and Linda McLouglin Figel. ” When I looked at it, I knew right away that this was an excellent video and a great way to showcase one of our events. So I put it in our newsletter.”

Check it out:

Beth Golay

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