A tweet within a tweet.

Twitter released a new update for its app last Friday. With the update, you can now embed a formatted tweet within a tweet, not just the link. It will look like the image below. (Except with a better message, I’m sure.)

This view is only available on mobile devices, however. If you view the tweets through your computer, the embedded tweet will just look like a link.

To do this with your own tweets:

  1. Download the latest Twitter app update.
  2. Find the tweet you’d like to embed.
  3. Press the button with three dots on the lower right and select “copy link to tweet”.
  4. Paste the link in your new tweet.

Research has shown that tweets with images receive more clicks. This is a way to retweet and provide visual interest at the same time.

2014-06-17 01.57.07

Beth Golay

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