Beatle Mania… 50 Years Later

Beginning with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr sharing a stage last night at the Grammys, this is the week leading up to the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival in America.

One book celebrating that arrival is The Beatles are Here! 50 Years after the Band Arrived in America, Writers, Musicians & Other Fans Remember by Penelope Rowlands. In fact, that’s Penelope Rowlands in the photo above… just above the “A” in Beatles. The photo, by Jack Manning, appeared in The New York Times in 1964.

Take advantage of the Grammys and post this photo through your social media… inviting your “friends” to post their own memories.

Then on #ThrowBackThursday, post this image of John, Paul, and Ringo in Central Park. (photo credit: Frank Hurley, New York Daily News.)

John Paul and Ringo overwhelmed by the view of NY skyline


Beth Golay

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