Burst Workouts at Workman

Burst Workouts at Workman

They practice what they preach at Workman Publishing. To kick off the release of his book The Burst! Workout, author Sean Foy issued a 10 Day Burst Workout Challenge. Some Workman folks accepted the challenge and for 10 days, they received an email with a Burst Minute Move to get them out of their chairs and moving. They wrote about the experience last week on their blog.

This is a very effective form of marketing because it provides a testimonial.

“I have read this book. I loved it.”

“I used this book for my marathon training and it helped me P.R.”

“My go-to Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is in this book.”

Customers like to know what they’re purchasing is tried and true.

It’s one thing to say why you like something. But if you can, go for the show-and-tell. Photos help tell the story and are so effective in blogs and on social media.

In Workman’s blog post, they showed their Credit department in the stairwell doing 60 seconds of Burst Stair Stepping. They showed the Editorial staff lining the wall for a group Burst Wall Sit. They showed the Workman Running Club pausing halfway through their runs to do some Burst Chair Push-Ups. And then they provided a link so I could click and sign up for my own 10 Day Burst Workout Challenge. The test-drive before the buy.

Beth Golay

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