Here’s something new. You may know Buzzfeed. I told you about their list of books to read before the movie comes out this year. last week. Well, this one niche of pop culture has a unique and interesting way to get more eyeballs on their “listicles”—attention-grabbing headlines; sentences that no sane person can resist clicking.

Some examples pulled from their front page today:
“The 22 Most ’90s Pictures of Kate Moss Ever Taken”
“Look at These Incredible Original Manuscripts by Da Vinci, Mozart, Jane Austen and More”
“Here’s Some Symbolism in “Jurassic Park” That You Almost Certainly Hadn’t Spotted”

Waterstones published this blog post last week with the “16 #BuzzfeedBooks You Have To Read Before You Die” and soon after Twitter users started applying this tactic to their own favorite literature and hastaging with #BuzzfeedBooks. Some of our favorites are listed below. Today, think of a description of a book in BuzzFeed Headline Style and post it to Twitter. Mention @BooksAndWhatnot so we can add yours to our favorites list.

Kenton Hansen

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