Chalkboard Recommendations

Chalkboard Recommendations

It’s funny how one post can cause a chain-reaction, causing the best-laid plans (and content calendars) to be thrown out the window. It looks like we’ll be talking about chalk this week!

Zazu from The Bookloft in Great Barrington, MA, sent these images to me yesterday.

“We’ve recently discovered the wonders of chalkboard paint in our YA section,” she wrote. “We used to have a really kiddie looking train pasted up there but since the YA has taken over that entire corner we decided it needed a cooler, fresher look for the teens and adults that shop there.”

They painted large rectangular sections over the bookcases with chalkboard paint and use a combination of art and words to promote books related to forthcoming movies, recommendations for specific genre lovers, and great author quotes.

Here’s a look at images from the store:




Beth Golay

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