Content for Today’s New Releases: April 29

Natchez Burning: A Novel by Greg Iles

In the video (above), Greg Iles introduces readers to Natchez Burning and its transformation from where it was three years ago to now. There are other shareable videos on his website, and he’s on Facebook and TwitterNatchez Burning is an IndieNext pick for May.

The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden: A Novel by Jonas Jonasson

On his website, Jonasson describes his first book, The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, as “an intelligent, very stupid book.” And then when comparing The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden to his debut novel: “Same, same but different.” His site also includes official press images and Jonasson is on Facebook.

Monday, Monday: A Novel by Elizabeth Crook

Crook has a thorough website which includes great information, interviews with Crook, and articles she’s written. She is active on Facebook.

Ruby: A Novel by Cynthia Bond

Cynthia Bond works as a writing consultant and a workshop coordinator, teaching women, at-risk youth, and working within the addiction recovery community. Ruby is an IndieNext pick for May.

Fallout: A Novel by Sadie Jones

A new title for fans of The Uninvited Guest. Jones is active on Twitter and Facebook.



Beth Golay

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