Friday Whatnot: April 18

Google Maps Mania is an unofficial blog tracking the websites, mashups, and tools being influenced by Google Maps. Last week they spotted several maps trending regarding the Game of Thrones series and they posted details and links to four of the maps. I saw one of the maps featured in a Reddit post, because it was an interactive character map which featured the paths taken by individual Song of Ice and Fire characters. It also featured a slider bar which could be adjusted to specific chapters to avoid spoilers. Some of the best comments on Reddit were things like, “I slid too far. I SLID TOO FAR! :'(“

Speaking of Game of Thrones spoilers, BuzzFeed posted tweets from Stephen King regarding spoiler whiners. Here are my favorites.

Screenshot 2014-04-18 10.32.14

Screenshot 2014-04-18 10.32.25

NASA is asking you (and the rest of the planet) to help them celebrate Earth Day on April 22 by posting a #GlobalSelfie from wherever you are on Earth. This is one that you can file in the “sharable content” folder, but more importantly, it’s a great blue print on how to run your own social media campaign.

The site answers questions like:

  • What’s a #GlobalSelfie?
  • How do I take part?
  • Why a #GlobalSelfie?

They do a good job explaining how to use a hashtag and which social media sites they’ll be monitoring. (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr.) And they even include #GlobalSelfie Signs for Download (currently available in 22 languages) to use when taking the photo.

NASA plans to create an Earth mosaic image and a video using the images which will be released in May.


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