The first book we sold today at Common Good Books was "All at Once" by the poet CK Williams.

Posted by Common Good Books on Saturday, June 27, 2015

Friday Whatnot: July 10, 2015

David Enyeart of Common Good Books opens the store every Saturday morning. So every Saturday morning he posts “the first book sold at Common Good Books today” on their Facebook page.

“Some days our first book is something weird and obscure,” he says, “but if it’s something that people have read, we can sometimes get a small conversation going.”

And, he says, it’s easy to do.

hello in lights

I was taking a virtual tour of hello hello books in Rockland, Maine, when I saw this image of lights displayed above a bookcase. I asked owner Lacy Simons if the lights were part of a holiday display or if they perpetually festive.

“My husband rigged that up a few years ago. We leave it up year-round, though the lights no longer work…alas. But I can’t bring myself to take it down!”

She had me at ‘hello.’

And finally, punctuation matters…

This week on NPR’s Morning Edition, Renee Montagne reported:

“It went all the way to an appeals court, then an Ohio woman actually beat a parking ticket with the defense that rested on a comma. The ticket was for parking more than 24 hours in a place that didn’t allow a motor vehicle camper. Andrea Cammelleri argued that her motor vehicle – a pickup truck – wasn’t a camper. The law should’ve had a comma between motor vehicle and camper. The judge blamed the missing comma and tossed out the ticket.”

Beth Golay

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