Friday Whatnot: June 26, 2015

The Oxford English Dictionary is updated four times a year, every March, June, September, and December. The June update was announced this week, and the most talked about additions–in blogs and on late-night anyway–seem to be meh, shizzle, and FLOTUS.

Rather than point out the words that make us slap our foreheads in frustration, I thought I’d share the entire list included in this update. And here’s a bonus article explaining how new words make their way into the OED

I caught up with Village Books owner Chuck Robinson via phone yesterday to visit about his fundraising ride. He has biked nearly 450 miles out of the anticipated 2400 mile ride from Washington to Illinois. When creating the StoryMap of his journey, I included a video from YouTube, images and a tweet. I really wanted to see how an audio clip on SoundCloud worked, and this recorded phone call allowed me to do that. Here’s the map with the most recent additions if you’d like to have a look… or listen.

Book trailers for YA and Teen reads receive so many views on YouTube and Vimeo. Do you find that to be true with the videos you share?

Here’s a new trailer for A Book of Spirit and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes, which was released on Tuesday.



Beth Golay

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