Friday Whatnot: November 21, 2014

In what is becoming a tradition for the organization, the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) released a video book trailer of B.J. Novak’s best-selling children’s book, The Book With No Pictures. The video features authors who appeared at SIBA’s Discovery Show in September in Norfolk, each of whom reads a page from what has been described as a “wildly funny” and “irresistibly silly” book about the joys of made-up words, wacky sounds, and reading out loud to kids (both the real kind and the inner-child kind).


If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “damn autocorrect” you probably agree that while automation can be good, a human touch is better. This piece from Entrepreneur illustrates how automation can be really, really bad: The New England Patriots Twitter Fiasco Was Wrong for So Many Reasons

Earlier this week Oxford Dictionaries announced their 2014 Word of the Year: “vape”

According to The Two-Way on NPR:

The word can be a noun or a verb; it beat out contenders such as “bae” and “normcore.”

Lincoln Michel at Electric Literature found this “The Science of the Movie Screenplay” infographic. I find the graphics somewhat appealing.


Beth Golay

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