Friday Whatnot: October 31, 2014

J.K. Rowling wrote a special story for Halloween on the fansite, She also shared it with so non-members of the site can read it too. Read The Story of Dolores Jane Umbridge here.

To help Rooster Teeth with a charity event for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals, LeVar Burton read a book that would not likely be featured on Reading Rainbow: Adam Mansbach’s Go the [expletive deleted] to Sleep.

Rooster Teeth posted the video on YouTube with this explanation: “For reaching our stretch goal, LeVar Burton sits the Rooster Teeth employees down for a reading of the popular ‘bedtime story.'”

It’s been viewed 1.1 million times since October 25.

Mansbach and Burton exchanged tweets since then, and yesterday Mansbach tweeted this:

Beth Golay

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