Humans of Workman

Humans of Workman

On their blog yesterday, Workman Publishing featured a guest post by Maddie Williams, an 8th grade intern. It was titled, “Humans of Workman: Memories and Observations” and featured her photos and interviews of some of the Workman folks.

Many have worked there for years. One had been there just 10 days. Regardless of their length of employment, each spoke about what makes Workman special to them. And I read every single one.

After reading the post of memories and observations, I took away three thoughts:

  1. I wish I had met Peter Workman.
  2. That must be some Christmas party.
  3. Welcoming the enthusiasm, youth, and creativity of an 8th grade intern is a pretty cool thing to do.

“Meeting About the Upcoming List” – photo by Maddie Williams

Beth Golay

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