Independent Bookstore Day: Call for Artists

Following the recent successes of local and regional independent bookstore days, all of the regional independent bookselling associations have agreed to support Independent Bookstore Day in their region on May 2, 2015.

Booksellers will be able to order publisher-created items, specially designed to appeal to customers throughout the country. Ordering begins in December 2014. If you participate, you are asked to:

  1. Order a minimum of 10 items.
  2. Promote the event.
  3. Host an event in your store that will help draw people in.

The regional organizers are calling on graphic designers and artists to create a logo for Independent Bookstore Day to represent the nationwide event.

If you have artistic graphic designers on your staff, encourage them to design a logo for this event. If they were to win, it would be a little victory for the bookstore as well.

But do not limit this “call for artists” to your staff. Instead, spread it to your customers and local chapters of the American Institute for Graphic Artists. Create an “informational” page on your website and link any newsletter, Facebook or Twitter call-for-artist announcements back to your page. You put a lot of work into that website. Let’s get people there.

By spreading this contest beyond the store, it’s a great momentum builder and a way to start spreading the word about Independent Bookstore Day early. And it’s a fantastic PR opportunity for the store and you get to provide an opportunity for a monetary prize–vicariously.

Here are some organizer-provided details to include in your own Call for Artists:

We’re in search of a logo to represent Independent Bookstore Day on May 2, 2015. We are asking creative, artistic book lovers to create and submit a logo that will be represent this nationwide event. The winning submission will appear on all promotions, products and merchandising in conjunction with Independent Bookstore Day. For inspiration, see CBD’s logo. We’re offering $1,000 to the chosen artist.

Please send your submission to Carrie Obry at by October 15, 2014. Please send a 72 dpi web-ready jpg.

Beth Golay

Beth is a reader, writer, marketer and Books & Whatnot founder. Even though she knows better, she's a sucker for a good book cover and will positively swoon if a book is set in appropriate type. @BethGolay