January Content Calendar

In 2014, I gave you a monthly content calendar to help with the daunting task of sharing content through your social media platforms. If that was helpful to you, it’s time to move on to the next step.

In 2015, try to complete your content calendar with store happenings and activities, and look at the content suggestions I provide as a back-up.

Let’s begin with store photos. Let’s say you know that a certain author is going to be at the bookstore for an event on January 15. Write “author pic” on your content calendar. And then take lots of photos… anticipatory crowd shots, candid author shots, author/customer photos. In this digital age, it’s better to over shoot and choose from many than undershoot and use what you have. If you’ve been able to include many customers in the photos, then create an album and share it (and tag the customers.) If you have only captured images of the author, choose the best one and share only it. Try for a more candid shot instead of one behind the podium.

While it’s true that posts with images garner more engagement from followers, I think you’ll find even more engagement with those images are your own. Images of your bookstore, your staff, your customers, and your events.

Now, here are some interesting days throughout the month.

In addition to New Year’s Day, January 1 is also Z Day. Created to give those who’s names begin with Z a bit of a break, Z Day can be fun in a location where letters and alphabetizing matters. You could have a fun sale, discounting titles or authors containing a Z. Or you can start a bi-weekly sale, offering a discount to customers with last names starting with Z and move your way backwards through the alphabet.

January 2 is Motivation and Inspiration Day as well as Happy Mew Year Day for Cats. (Like we need an excuse to share images of cats.)

January 8 is Show & Tell Day at Work. Since this is a throwback to school days, I think participants should be required to give a book report, too.

January 12 is Clean Off Your Desk Day. Share your favorite tip from a book in your productivity/organization section.

January 13 is Poetry at Work Day.

January 14 is Organize Your Home Day.

January 16 is Nothing Day. You shouldn’t do anything… except ask customers to share images of how they’re spending the day.

Show off your reference section on January 18, Thesaurus Day. Or promote your fine stationery section on January 23, Handwriting Day.

Celebrate all things Virginia Woolf on A Room of One’s Own Day on January 25.

And to me, January 26 is screaming for a kid’s event for Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. (Either that or offer free shipping on that day.)

January 29 is Freethinker’s Day, which is probably when someone came up with International Fun at Work Day for January 30.

January 31 is Seed Swap Day and the perfect time to think about gardening book displays, talks and events. (It’s the only time gardeners like me are successful… in our minds.)

Here’s a PDF of the January Content Calendar for you to print and add your own content.

Beth Golay

Beth is a reader, writer, marketer and Books & Whatnot founder. Even though she knows better, she's a sucker for a good book cover and will positively swoon if a book is set in appropriate type. @BethGolay