June Content Calendar

June Content Calendar

New month, new content to create content for social media, blogs, events and displays. 

I’ve created a simple June Content Calendar for you to print. The calendar includes a few national observances, but leaves plenty of space for you to add your own local and store events. Then the next time you’re faced with a blank Twitter or Facebook post, you can look to your calendar for guidance.

There is one online resource I’d like to tell you about: repost.us. Repost is an open instant syndication platform that anyone can use. It makes complete, fully licensed articles into smart objects that can be embedded and viewed on any site, platform, or device—just like video. But what I really like is the monthly curated content page. Each month, repost lists key events and observances with links to further content. The posts are divided into three types:

  • All-month events.
  • Weekly or multi-day events.
  • Daily events or observances.

Here’s an example of the May 2014 Curators Calendar. If you scroll down to May 30, you’ll see that it’s National Mint Julep Day. Click on the “mint julep” link and it will present a list of articles about mint juleps for you to share.

Now, you’ll notice I linked to the May calendar. That’s one pitfall… timing. The calendar isn’t always ready at the beginning of the month. I still think it’s a valuable resource, so I include repost.us on my Feedly list, so then I’m notified when it’s ready, after which I update my own content calendar.

Beth Golay

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