Last Week at Warwick’s

Last Week at Warwick’s

In many of our store newsletters, we feature upcoming events, book clubs, sales, etc. Warwick’s in LaJolla, CA, does that, too. In fact, many of the email subject lines I receive read “This Week at Warwick’s.” But within that email is a section called “Last Week at Warwick’s” in which they feature a single photo and a recap of an event that happened the week prior. They also include a link to the Flickr album containing all of the event images. If they hosted more than one event, they include more than one image and recap.

This really is a nice way to wrap up an event. Many times when an event ends, we switch to the needs of the next impending event. But what we do after an event is just as important as the checklist leading up to it. Reporting sales, following up with the rep, sending thank you notes, shipping signed copies… and posting event photos.

Warwick’s uses Flickr, but you could do the same thing by sharing your Facebook albums. In fact, any staff who are Facebook administrators for your account could use their own personal accounts to tag customers, giving you more Facebook reach.

Posting images is a good way to tie things up for customers, too. They’ve been seeing for weeks the events that are “coming up.” Show them proof through images that you keep your promises.

Image from Warwick’s Flickr: Marlene Wagman-Geller was at Warwick’s to discuss and sign her latest nonfiction book, Behind Every Great Man: The Forgotten Women Behind the World’s Famous and Infamous.

Beth Golay

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