Pre-selling Sebastien de Castell’s fantasy series.

Pre-selling Sebastien de Castell’s fantasy series.

If your Game of Thrones fans are caught up, twiddling their thumbs until the next release, here’s a pre-selling opportunity for a new fantasy series.

Sebastien de Castell brings his background as a fight choreographer to the page in his new book, Traitor’s Blade. Described as a cross between The Three Musketeers and Game of Thrones, it’s been receiving some buzz since its March release in Canada and the UK. Feel free to steal Kenton’s review if it will help you sell the series.

The author has a diverse background as a musician, actor, fight choreographer and consultant on acting with weapons for the Lord of the Rings video game. (His degree is actually in Archaeology.)

Send potential readers to de Castell’s website, or engage with him on Facebook or Twitter.

The U.S. release is scheduled for July 15.

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