Q & D Responses: Do you host rep presentations?

RepPresentation032417In last week’s Quick & Dirty Survey, I asked booksellers if their stores host publisher rep presentations. It was close, but 53% of respondents said NO and 47% of respondents hold some sort of rep presentation.

Of the 47% that said yes, 25% indicated that the rep presentations were for customers only, 37% said that they were for buyers only, and the rest indicated that the presentations were for all staff.

Here are some of the comments, with all details other than location removed:

  • Yes we do have rep presentations in the store. They are for booksellers, support staff and sometimes preferred customers or bloggers, if we have interest. About 20-30 people attend.
  • We have occasional rep presentations, usually coinciding with their sales calls. They are for the entire staff.
  • We have reps present to our staff for 20-30 minutes anytime we get a live one in the store.
  • Occasionally, but they are usually just for me as a buyer, as opposed to the whole staff.
  • Yes, so far just for our customers, but we’re interested in more staff-oriented presentations so more people other than me, the buyer,  can get to know about forthcoming titles.
  • Rep presentations at our store are limited to two publisher reps (as we are rural).  The two that come only present to our buyer.
  • nary a rep has crossed our threshold. We’re part of a larger group, the book buyer at the warehouse gets what reps there still are. We get nothing. *sniff*
  • No. But we’re in Montana, so not many reps visit us. 🙁
  • Yep. We do a Random House presentation […] right before the holidays. We did a Seattle small press night a couple years back […] Come to think of it, we’re probably due for another…
  • Yes, we usually have one in the spring and another in the fall for the big 4th quarter books–anyone on staff is welcome to attend. We have also added a kids rep morning in the last year or so.
  • Very few reps show up. So not really presentations. Sounds great tho…
  • I don’t have rep presentations. I actually prefer to receive emails since I can read them in my own time. It’s hard to get a rep to come when I’m available, and since I run my store by myself, my time is quite limited.
  • I like the idea of a rep presentation but am not sure how much pressure I would feel to buy everything since they came out just for me.
  • We have one book rep that will come out to see us. We aren’t in a major metropolitan area, so most reps won’t come out way. Sad. We do go to our regional yearly show, and every other year or so we make it to BEA.

Beth Golay

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