Say As I Do: Kamila Shamsie

Say As I Do: Kamila Shamsie

Kamila Shamsie’s book Home Fire (Riverhead Books | 9780735217683) hits shelves tomorrow. Late last month it was longlisted for the 2017 Man Booker Prize. I interviewed Shamsie for this Friday’s Marginalia podcast and while I had her on the line, I asked if she had a message she’d like to send to independent booksellers. Here’s what she said (as well as how to correctly pronounce her name):



“I love you. When I was in graduate school at UMass Amherst, one of the things that I loved most was we had in Amherst there was a independent bookstore called Wootton’s and they had readings by the graduate students in the UMass MFA program. It was amazing because one day you’d be at Wootton’s Bookstore [Amherst Books] listening to someone like Peter Carey or Michael Ondaatje, you know, these writers who I love. And then the next week you would have a chance to stand up and read in that same space. And Mark Wootton who ran it was incredibly generous to the MFA students. And I think that was the first independent bookstore I really loved and understood how the independent bookstores can be such an important part of a local community and how important they can be to upcoming writers. So I’ve always had a particularly soft corner for them.”


And here’s how she says her name:

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