Sharable Whatnot: January 12, 2016

Sharable Whatnot: January 12, 2016

Fresh Air’s Maureen Corrigan calls Melville House’s The Last Interview series “classy,” and she loves the latest additions: Ernest Hemingway, Nora Ephron, and Philip K. Dick. Listen to her review here:

In 2016, the Folger Shakespeare Library is bringing the First Folio to 50 states, Washington, and Puerto Rico. If you want to share tour information with your customers, be sure to point out the interactive map available on the Folger’s website. They can search by city or address to find the nearest exhibit location and dates.


Rohan Gavin’s Knightley & Son–a Sherlock Holmes meets the Hardy Boys book for middle readers–will be released in paperback in July. This trailer was just released. What impresses me the most is the fact that it was shot on an iPhone6.

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