Shareable Whatnot: Stars and Stripes… and More Stars

Here’s some sweet content for the upcoming holiday weekend.

When Bob Heft was in junior high, he had to come up with a subject for an American history project. So he created the a 50-star flag. The problem was, it was 1958 and there were just 48 states at the time. He added two more stars on a hunch.

Heft’s teacher was unimpressed and gave him a B-. When Heft complained, his teacher told him that if he was able to get Washington to approve the flag, then he’d change the grade.

In 2009, Heft told StoryCorps how that challenge, the addition of Alaska and Hawaii to the union the next year, and a slew of phone calls to Washington D.C. led to the flag we have today.

It’s bittersweet to hear it in Heft’s own voice. He died six months after recording it. (The embed code is included below.)

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Beth Golay

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