Some Things to Share

If you’re looking for something to share on social media, here are a few pieces I found interesting.

Lisa Genova on Still Alice

In this video, Lisa Genova talks about her inspiration for writing Still Alice.

Alan Cheuse on Tim Johnston’s Descent

Alan Cheuse says his heart is still pounding, calling Tim Johnston’s Descent a “thriller plus!” His review aired this morning on NPR.

Elegy for a Dead World Combines Gaming and Poetry

Today, Wired reviewed a new video game that combines gaming with writing poetry. Game developers Ichiro Lambe and Ziba Scott have create Elegy for a Dead World, a game that lets players write prose and poetry as they explore distant planets and dead civilizations.

The creators say that the real challenge was convincing players they could write, so instead of a blank slate, they created writing prompts. “Someone might be a rocket scientist and member of Mensa, but freeze when asked to write creatively. Not to mention the fact that, upon completion of a level in Elegy, you have the option of publishing your work for thousands of other players to read—or build upon.”

Here’s a link to Bryan Lufkin’s piece in Wired: “A Videogame That Teaches You to Write Poetry, Even if It Intimidates You”

Cuddle Up Day

Or how about a “fill in the blank” post on Facebook? Something like, “To celebrate Cuddle Up Day on this 6th day of January, I plan to cuddle up with _______.”

Beth Golay

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