News from Twitter: Profile Updates

In an announcement yesterday, Twitter debuted a new profile page design, something the social network had been testing on high-profile users that’s now slowly being rolled out to all users. The new design will align closely with what we’ve come to expect from other networks like Facebook and Instagram. Overall, the changes add an interesting new way to evaluate a profile, for instance the larger, full-width header image. Another new feature lets you show off your tweets with an option to automatically increase the size of tweets with more engagement, and “pinning” a tweet at the top of your profile.

As far as viewing other profiles on the Twitter website, you’ll now have the option to choose the types of tweets to view; tweets, tweets with images/video, or the conversation view with tweets and replies. On the converse, this means that people will be potentially viewing your profile in the same way. If you don’t already, I think these changes would be best utilized by responding to every mention to maintain a consistent conversation with the people interacting with you on Twitter.

Screenshot 2014-04-09 09.29.26


Kenton Hansen

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