U.S. Poet Laureates and Their Presidents

Whether you want to highlight President’s Day or plan ahead for Poetry Month, mypoeticside.com just published an article + an embeddable infographic highlighting all of the U.S. Poet Laureates and the presidents they serve under.

“The Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress, as they’re formally known, is appointed by the Librarian of Congress for a one year term, serving from October to May,” says Danielle Mohlman in the article. “It’s fairly common, however, for the Librarian of Congress to renew a Poet Laureate’s term for an additional year, if the Librarian feels strongly that the poet has raised the national consciousness around the idea of a greater appreciation of reading and writing poetry.”

The timeline infographic includes the 51 poets that held the position since 1937 and the U.S. President (in office at the time), from Joseph Auslander and Roosevelt, to Juan Felipe Herrera and Trump. The article also highlights 7 women poet laureates.

Find both the article and the embeddable infographic here.

US Poet Laureates and the Presidents They Served Under
US Poet Laureates and the Presidents They Served Under, by My Poetic Side

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