Weekend Whatnot

This “Fireside Advice” video featuring Brad Garrett isn’t exactly G-rated, but then again, that’s not the audience for his book either. When the Balls Drop: How to Embrace Life’s Second Half hit shelves on May 5. Garrett has more content at his website.

I read a very thorough blog post by James Johnson of Share as Image titled The Best Typography, Colors, and Templates Used in the Highest-Converting Social Media Images. In the piece, Johnson breaks down the five components of sharable social media images: emotion, relevance, colors, typography, and hashtags/text. If you’re looking for more engagement from your social media, you might want to consider reading it. Here’s the link.

The June IndieNext list is available. Here’s a link to the all of the lists, flyers, and shelf-talkers.


Beth Golay

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