Whatnot: June 12, 2015

ICYMI: Chuck Robinson of Village Books & Paper Dreams in Bellingham, WA, will be riding approximately 2400 miles from Bellingham to Galva, Illinois, his hometown, beginning on June 15. One of the foundations for which Chuck is riding is the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc). He has committed to donating $1/mile to Binc and encourages booksellers others in the industry to pledge, even if that pledge is 1 cent/mile (less than $25 for the entire ride.)

“Binc has been instrumental in helping booksellers who have suffered hardships or emergencies, and in providing scholarships for higher education. It’s a great foundation – and a way for booksellers and friends to help booksellers.”

We’ll check in with Chuck along the way. And if you’d like to pledge your support, please visit his website here.

This week, David Enyeart of Common Good Books in St. Paul, MN, sent this note: “This past weekend I read a novel entirely in Old English (The Wake from Graywolf, September). Not only is it in OE (not true OE, but close enough that I had to read the first dozen pages aloud until I clicked into it), but he uses only periods. No quotation marks, not even commas. And there’s only a period after about every third sentence. It’s a challenge but so worth it. I coined the hashtags #youcandohardthings and #readlikeits1066 to describe it.”

And while I couldn’t get David to commit to a review written in Old English with similar punctuation (I could detect scoffing in the silence), I am hopeful he’ll write one in, well…  English. (#youcandohardthings)

And finally, here’s a cute little video for Leo: A Ghost Story by Mac Barnett, and illustrated by Christian Robinson, which comes out in August.

Beth Golay

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