Winter Break Activities

Winter Break Activities

The Bookworm in East Aurora, NY, took advantage of the Winter Break and offered unique classes for kids. During the summer, owner Jen Reisdorf was approached by a teacher at her kids’ school about possibly teaching a few classes over the break. They designed three classes for this break:

  • New Year’s Storytime & Craft for ages 3-5
  • Frozen Fun for grades K-4
  • And a Creative Writing Workshop for ages 7 to 10

clip0000The Creative Writing Workshop hasn’t occurred yet, but the Frozen Fun class–complete with hands-on science activities–filled up quickly and a second class was added.

The Bookworm charged $5.00/participant and asked for pre-registration and payment. When I asked about the space they have to hold events like these, Jen told me, “We just make room! It is tricky sometimes, we don’t have a space set aside so we move things around and juggle as best we can to make do. We really can only fit about 8 kids/class.”

Jen marketed the classes through email, the store’s website, and in-store signage. “We didn’t pay for any advertising,” Jen says. “A local paper just happened to mention it in an article.”

The Bookworm hopes to schedule more classes over an upcoming break in February.

Beth Golay

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