Video: Drawing Animals with Elise Gravel

In this new video from HarperKids, author/illustrator Elise Gravel shows how to draw characters–deer, meh, Mister the dog, and Rita the spider–from her book, Olga and the Smelly Thing from No Where.

Elisa Gravel is on Twitter @EliseGravel and here’s the English version of her website.

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Video: ‘Little Ree!’

Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, has a brand-new picture book series, Little Ree! In this official book trailer, Little Ree trades in her city days for a country way of life when she learns that being a country girl isn’t about the right pair of boots, it’s all about the right attitude.

In Ree’s own words: “I was all grown up when I moved out to the country. When I first arrived, I felt so out of place! But eventually, I looked around and discovered all the wonderful things about country life. So I decided to write a story about my experiences, as seen through the eyes of a little girl named Ree. Little Ree moves to the country and feels as scared and unsure as I was. But then she finds that if she sets her mind to it, being a country girl is a pretty cool thing. Come along on her adventures!”

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Bleaker House Twitter Story Sweepstakes

Portable Network Graphics image-A8CBACE3281B-1Doubleday and Graywolf recently introduced a ‘Bleaker House Twitter Story Sweepstakes.’

Participants are invited to submit a #bleaker Twitter story—a story contained within the 140 characters of a tweet, including the hashtag #bleaker—to be entered in the sweepstakes. The winner receives a copy of Bleaker House, as well as books on writing fiction and memoir from Graywolf Press’s Art of series, and a writer’s journaling set from russell + hazel. The sweepstakes runs through Friday, March 17th.

The winner will be chosen randomly and will be contacted via Twitter direct message. To find out more about the sweepstakes, including Penguin Random House’s terms of use and privacy policy, click here.

StoryCorps: Remembering Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Last July, Amy Krouse Rosenthal and her daughter, Paris Rosenthal, recorded a StoryCorps segment together in Chicago. Today, StoryCorps released the audio as a podcast extra, Remembering Amy Krouse Rosenthal, which you can listen to below.

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It’s ‘Daylight Time’ Again

If you live in an area that observes Daylight Saving Time, you’ll want to remember to move an hour ahead this Sunday at 2:00 a.m. This changing of the clock provides a semi-annual reminder to do all of the little things we do when we ‘spring’ forward. Use your 300 marketing seconds to check the batteries in smoke detectors, check your fire extinguishers to be sure they’re serviced and ready, and check the batteries in your emergency flashlights as well.

In Kansas, we had a statewide tornado drill earlier this week. And we just had the largest wild fire in our state’s history. Aaaaand we’ve grown accustomed to earthquakes. (Bring on the locusts?) Whatever your potential emergency might be, it’s not a bad idea to go over ‘drills’ with your staff. Do they know where to find the fire extinguishers and emergency flashlights? Do they know what to do in weather emergencies? Are they supposed to lock the doors and take the cash to the basement? Do they know what to do if there are customers in the store?

Fire, tornado, flood, earthquake, hurricane… there are so many things that can happen beyond our control. Take a little time to ensure you and your staff are prepared.