Q&D Results: Complimentary Bookmarks

Last Friday I asked a Quick & Dirty survey question: Do you give away complimentary bookmarks to customers?

97% responded YES

3% responded NO

Here are some of the comments:

  • We do give away complimentary bookmarks–store specific. We also got a box of the free bookmarks from libro.fm with our store info on them and we give those out as well. 
  • Yes, we have always had complimentary bookmarks. We have our store logo on them and a book or reading related quote by some well known person. They have been quite popular and some people have a collection of them. We have six different quotes each time we print. Most of unique but some favorites have been used more than once over our 10 1/2 years.
  • Bookmarks: yes, with new ones monthly that list our events and any programs we want to promote that month. They’re just printed on colored paper or cardstock, depending on how fancy we feel.
  • Yes we do give out bookmarks with purchase.
  • I give a bookmark with each purchase. Usually I use the ABA ready-made designs and send them to a printer, with my hours & store info printed on the back. Right now I have basically a lifetime supply from Hummingbird Ebooks.
  • I do give away bookmarks.  I print them up myself – designed in Publisher – on cardstock. They’ve got my logo and all my contact info, including social media.
  • Yes, and on the reverse we have favorite quotes and change them up periodically. Many customers like to have a complete set.
  • Yes, we give away free bookmarks with our store hours.

And here’s a gallery of some of the bookmarks you submitted…


Beth Golay

Beth is a reader, writer, marketer and Books & Whatnot founder. Even though she knows better, she's a sucker for a good book cover and will positively swoon if a book is set in appropriate type. @BethGolay