Review (Plus): Flora and the Peacocks

Bookshelf Blurb: Without words, the story of Flora and her two new peacock friends is told through beautiful interactive illustrations.

Flora and the Peacocks_9781452138169_43aacAmerica’s Review: Molly Idle has created another wonderful masterpiece with her new book, Flora and the Peacocks. Each book by Idle uses bright, airy and beautiful pictures to convey the story. This book needs no words to express the confusion found amongst friends when they discover three can be a crowd. Flora dances among them, with them, and individually. The three must learn to dance together otherwise their friendship may dissolve, and no one–not even a bird–wants to be left alone.

What I loved the best about this book (besides the storyline) was the ability the reader has to coax out the peacocks’ large feathers. Interactive flaps throughout the story allow the peacocks to transform into the majestic birds they are! The colors are extremely vibrant hues of aquas and blues. It is simply stunning.

In the Classroom:

There are two states not following Common Core State Standards. I happen to live in one of them: Indiana. So, for this book, I decided to stay local and follow a reading standard for our state instead of the CCSS as I usually do. This one focuses on reading levels for the elementary school classroom: RL.4.1 Use illustrations and details in a story to describe its characters, setting, or events.

Before reading Flora and the Peacocks, mark the story in three places indicating the beginning, middle and end. While reading, stop after the beginning of the story and discuss the characters’ feelings. What words describe the characters at this point in the story?  How did the illustrations show us this?  Continue this procedure for the middle and end of the book. Ideas can be recorded on a class chart to compare and contrast how the characters changed throughout the story. For your higher levels or as a challenge in the younger levels, students can work independently or with a partner to discuss and record the characters’ feelings and actions as the story progresses.

Flora and the Peacocks by Molly Idle (Chronicle Books | 9781452138169 | May 3, 2016)

America Grelinger

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