Review (Plus): Illustrators Annual 2015

Bookshelf Blurb: For aspiring illustrators to see what is selected and prized in the industry.

Illustrators Annual 2015

America’s Review:

As I flipped through 44 pages of illustrations taken from the pages of the books I read, I was amazed at the simplicity, the depth, the colors, the shapes and the designs. The personality of children’s books goes beyond the words–it is the unique relationship created by the partnering of words and images.  Illustrators Annual 2015 by the Jury of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair looks at the talent found throughout the world and showcases it in this one book.

The book features lots of pictures, of course, but also included are the illustrators’ perspectives about the job and the road one must take to become published in the industry. Found within the pages of the book are interviews with multiple illustrators offering their take on the craft, how the industry works  and the journey they have taken to make illustrating their destiny. It is hours of work and time spent writing letters to often be rejected plus the difficulty that can result in trying to procure help from an agent and editor.

The book  showcases featured artist from countries such as Italy, Iran, and Chile who have invested the hours. Their work has rightfully paid off, and they are willing to share their experiences and advice.

In the Classroom:

An easy way to allow creative writing is to use artwork as writing prompts.  This book provides ample pictures for stories to emerge. There are more than 30 pages of brilliant art work for your students to choose from to create their own writing. One of the more powerful writing skills for college readiness (and one of the most dreaded) is the ability to edit and revise your own work. Use creative writing to help empower students’ editing abilities while providing a change of pace. It is difficult to look at a revision when you have included research, so this grants the opportunity to complete a standard without including a research paper. (And they are fun to grade!)

After students have completed their story, you can take it one step further:You can read them the actual story. All students–young and old–love story time.

Illustrators Annual 2015 by the Jury of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (9781452154398 | December 15, 2015)

America Grelinger

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