Review (Plus): Let’s Play!

Bookshelf Blurb: Another adventure from New York Times bestselling author Herve Tullet–this time, yellow dot is full of surprises.

9781452154770_eabcdMs. America’s Review: The third book by Mr. Tullet is just as wonderful as his last two! When he introduced Press Here, an interactive story about a dot, it was a wonderful discovery of action, color and words. It allowed both the young and old reader to actively be engaged while reading a story.

This book is no different in the elements of mobility. Your finger is in constant motion through the clear directions given by a yellow dot. Yellow dot goes on many adventures, one even frightful and overwhelming! Never fear; you get to quickly turn the page and be happy once again. Plus the reader gets to play hide and seek AND red/light/green/light. Easy games, but not ones typically found in the pages of a book with your finger doing all the movements. Simple and fun.

In the classroom: This is a wonderful book to have your teacher aides or volunteers read one on one with students. If there is ever the opportunity to allow your students to partner with the older grades, this would be a wonderful story for a 5th grader to read with a kindergartner. Both students would benefit from this shared experience.

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers focuses on creating activities using collaboration with students and within the curriculum. This activity allows for reading, summary, activity, discussion and partnership.

Let’s Play! by Herve Tullet (Chronicle Books | 9781452154770 | March 29, 2016)

America Grelinger

America Grelinger doesn’t mind if you call her Ms. America. It makes her head swell and she loves the title. America is a former English teacher and has a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, now retired to raise two crazy little boys who think the funniest thing on the planet is to burp and toot… which is why she reads. Because it’s cheaper than counseling. Amy and her husband live with those two crazy little boys in Derby, Kansas.