Review (Plus): The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever

Bookshelf Blurb:Three teenage boys decide they are going to make the next greatest zombie movie ever, but they have no money, no script and no actors. Quite hilarious!

the_greatest_zombie_movie_ever_9781492628149_ef929Ms. America’s Review:
You can make millions if your video goes viral, and you can become a social media legend if you can make an epic movie–especially one with zombies and the apocalypse. Now, if only you can find money, a script and actors willing to help make this creation a reality.

Justin knows his last three zombie movies have failed epically on YouTube, but with the help of his two buddies and the hottest girl in school, he knows he can make a successful movie; in fact, he can make “The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever.” Author Jeff Strand’s humor shines through in his newest book about teenage boys and zombies.

The priorities of teenage boys never cease to amaze me, and Strand delivers with 100 percent accuracy. Justin, along with his two besties, Bobby and Gabe, have decided to pull some all-nighters in order to maintain their grades and create a zombie script and movie before the end of the school year. Justin even gathers up his nerve to ask the most beautiful girl in school to play the lead in the movie–and she agrees.

Now, Justin has to frantically create a script and start the filming process. He has a sound man, a manager and cast members. Thanks to Bobby’s connections, he even has a real Hollywood makeup artist who is willing to create zombie latex masks and zombie-esque wounds. The Hollywood makeup artist demands most of Justin’s meager budget, but it is all in name of zombies, so it is worth the expense. Knowing he has a limited budget, Justin has to go door-to-door one morning to get extras, but it is all for the cause: the greatest zombie movie ever!
Strand’s skill at character development had me seeking out his other work, which reinforced my perception that he is a boy in a man’s body–a wonderful attribute to have when writing for a specific audience. He has achieved perfection.

In the classroom:
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The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever by Jeff Strand (Sourcebooks Fire | 9781492628149 | March 1, 2016)

America Grelinger

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