‘Truthwitch’ by Susan Dennard

Bookshelf Blurb: Besties for life fighting off hot guys and evil witches–and saving the land. Need I say more?

TruthwitchCover9780765379283_7fd0fAmerica’s Review:

Friendships among women are strange and complex–even from a young age you can see how vastly different girls behave toward other girls than they behave toward boys. There is a pecking order and a place where each woman fits despite their best efforts to not conform.

Female friendships can become bonds for life, and in TruthWitch: A Witchlands Novel, author Susan Dennard explores those bonds. Iseult det Midenzi and Safiya fon Hasstrel are Threadsisters–connected with a bond of blood for life. Their backgrounds are opposite: one of royalty and one from a race of outcasts.

As the story unfolds, we learn these two girls may be the Cahr Awen–the omen of light and darkness brought together to unify the broken, vast lands where they live. Safi is a Truthwitch: She can tell if a person is being honest or not. This witchery is wanted by every narcissistic evil royalty minded politician. She is sought after for her powers. Her mentors, Mathew and Habim, have kept her talent hidden, while molding her to become something beyond her self-centered royal self. The complete opposite to Safi is Iseult, who is a Midenzi-born citizen. Characterized by the shape of their eyes, their skin tone and their foreboding manner, the Midenzi are outcasts of society and scorned. They are seen as an evil plague upon the earth, and Iseult has to endure the accusations and disdain.

Together these two girls must go up against the future demise of the 20-year treaty that has kept all countries at arm’s length; time is creeping by and soon the treaty will no longer be valid. Safi and Iseult will have to use the powers within themselves and within the bond they share to help peace reign in the land once more.

Did I mention there are cute boys in the story, too? What would two young girls have if not for dark, sinister men chasing them? Or Leopold, a charming nephew to the throne? This is a page-turner for those who like witchery and a bit of mystery. It is unique in its delivery with new terms and creative inspiration for the two young ladies who are yin and yang. I look forward to the next in the series.

In the Classroom:

This is a book for pleasure. It is a book to suggest for students–both male and female–who might be looking for a read on the darker side of witchery. I would not recommend this book for anyone below 8th grade, as it does have some romance and some witches that explode (totally dark and creepy!). There are just some books you want to put in your students hands for the enjoyment of reading–and this is one of those.

Truthwitch: A Witchlands Novel by Susan Dennard (Tor Teen | 9780765379283 | January 5, 2016)


America Grelinger

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