“Lost in Thought” by Cara Bertrand

“Lost in Thought” by Cara Bertrand

I’m not sure what gives teachers of English such a cool factor, but those I’ve met throughout my life definitely have it. I think it’s that same cool factor that makes these teachers successful when they turn to writing literature for young people. I’m thinking of authors like Rachel Hawkins with the Hex Hall series. And for a slightly younger audience, Clete Barrett Smith’s Aliens series comes to mind. And now we should add Cara Bertrand to the list. The first book in her Sententia series, Lost in Thought, will be released next week.

Although Lost in Thought is a book about the paranormal, what I appreciated was that the characters with special gifts weren’t faeries or vampires or witches. Instead the anomalies that made these characters “special” occurred in their brains; these select few are Sententia and have different forms of ESP.

Lost in Thought features protagonist Lainey Young, a sixteen-year-old with an affinity for antiques. Lainey was orphaned as a child and is being raised by her mother’s best friend, through the help of an extremely large trust fund. She doesn’t realize she has ESP and thinks she’s going crazy. Lainey sees dead people. Well, if she touches something directly connected with a person’s death, she can envision how that person died. One would think that these visions would not often present themselves, but did I mention her fondness for antiques?

After struggling with visions, migraines and blackouts, Lainey is given an opportunity to attend Northbrook Academy through an anonymous legacy. The academy is attended by both “normal” students and those with Sententia, and Lainey is introduced to a world that has been kept secret.

Lost in Thought is one of the more normal paranormal books I’ve read in a while. If I’m going to be asked to suspend disbelief, ESP is easier to believe. But those who love the paranormal should not shy away. Cara Bertrand has created a world I intend to visit again… with the next book.

Cara Bertrand is a former middle school literacy teacher. She lives in Sturbridge, MA, with her husband and daughter. Lost in Thought is her first book. It was recently reviewed in Girls LifeIt is recommended for ages 14 and up.

Twitter: @carabertrand

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