Review (Plus): “Busy Baby” Series

Busy_Baby_Friends_9781452141886_dbd63A happy baby is the best kind of baby, but when things go wrong baby can become sad in these cute Busy Baby board books. These two little books, Friends and Trucks, are from the creator of the “In My” series, Sara Gillingham.  

Baby has an interactive swivel face offering both a smile and a frown. Each set of pages illustrates a different scene for Baby and it is up to the reader to change Baby’s face accordingly. Brightly animated animals surround Baby in the various settings: classroom, fire truck, art room, among many others. The cast of animals was brilliant as it creates the opportunity for children to mimic animal sounds as well as working on recognition.

Busy_Baby_Trucks_9781452141879_c3329In the Classroom:

Preschool activities help set the stage for the Common Core Classroom. Reading to your child, along with interaction, helps them stay active while still gaining a skill: listening. As a mother of two boys I found making them sit still and quiet while I read was nearly impossible. These two books have allowed young children to keep manipulating the story while still sitting and being read to. I appreciate a book that allows little hands to keep moving while listening to a story. Great thinking Sara! I am appreciative of a publisher who will create a book with moving parts–and it is sturdy and will hold up regardless of how many times the head needs to flip that frown upside down!

Busy Baby: Friends by Sara Gillingham (Chronicle Books | 9781452141886 | September 15, 2015)

Busy Baby: Trucks by Sara Gillingham (Chronicle Books | 9781452141879 | September 15, 2015)

America Grelinger

America Grelinger doesn’t mind if you call her Ms. America. It makes her head swell and she loves the title. America is a former English teacher and has a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, now retired to raise two crazy little boys who think the funniest thing on the planet is to burp and toot… which is why she reads. Because it’s cheaper than counseling. Amy and her husband live with those two crazy little boys in Derby, Kansas.