“The 26 Story Treehouse” by Andy Griffiths, illustrated by Terry Denton

The 26 Story Treehouse is about Andy and his friend Terry. They live in a treehouse that has a bumper car rink, a skate ramp, a mud fighting arena, an antigravity chamber, and many other crazy things. It’s quite a great place to be. Andy recalls how he, Terry, and their neighbor, Jill, met on the pirate ship of Captain Wooden Head. Everything is just fine until the killer pirate Captain Wooden Head comes back after retrieving his real head from the Gorgonzola Fish’s stomach. He then tries to take over the treehouse. What will happen next?  Read The 26 Story Treehouse to find out.

This book is the sequel to The 13 Story Treehouse, another good read. It would help to read the first book to understand every bit of this book. Not much has changed, but the plot grows from several small problems to one large adventure. The way the author writes the book has stayed the same–the characters are writing the book that you are reading. They just write the events that happen to them as the story evolves.

This is a funny children’s book, but adults will still like it. It’s not bathroom humor, but there are lots of laughs due to the silly nature of Terry in general and the zany details within the story. The illustrations are fun to look at, especially the blueprints of the treehouse at the beginning of the book.

Judah Hansen

Judah is an avid reader, with a personal library that is spread out in over half the rooms in his house. This is a extraordinary accomplishment, particularly because he was born in 2003. He enjoys everything from science fiction to fact books, graphic novels, non-fiction, and comedy in general. He is busy with elementary school at this point, but is excited to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology soon.