February Content

As you complete your February content calendars, here are a few dates to keep in mind… a few topics for those days when you feel there’s nothing to share socially:

Sunday, February 1 is Dump Your Significant Jerk Day, because nobody should be with a jerk in February.

Thursday, February 4 is Homemade Soup Day. While you might not want to share the actual recipe, you could certainly talk about your favorite soup recipe from one of your favorite cookbooks. Or propose community gatherings and write about Soup Night: Recipes for Creating Community Around a Pot of Soup by Maggie Stuckey.

Saturday, February 7 is Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbors Day (as opposed to just one?) But it’s also Send a Card to a Friend Day, and if you carry greeting cards, I’d probably promote this day instead.

Monday, February 9 provides two days I want to celebrate. Read in the Bathtub Day (because I want to) and Clean Out Your Computer Day (because I need to.)

We all know that Saturday, February 14 is Valentine’s Day. But did you know that it’s also International Book Giving Day?

Tuesday, February 17 is Fat Tuesday. (Love this day.)

Tuesday, February 24 is Single Tasking Day… a day when you intentionally try to not multi-task.

Thursday, February 26 is Tell a Fairy Tale Day. Even if you already host a Story Time, this is an opportunity to add one more… and to raise it up a notch. (Just this once.)

Saturday, February 28 is Floral Design Day. This is the time of year when fair weather gardeners are up to their necks in seed catalogs. This would be a great opportunity to call in a professional to lead a class. You could use The Art of Arranging Flowers by Lynne Branard or The Wreath Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo as a text. Or you could offer a special on other floral/gardening books.

Beth Golay

Beth is a reader, writer, marketer and Books & Whatnot founder. Even though she knows better, she's a sucker for a good book cover and will positively swoon if a book is set in appropriate type. @BethGolay