“Game of Books” Infographic

Here’s a fun infographic: Game of Books. Lincoln Michel of Electric Literature compared how A Song of Ice and Fire compares with other works of literature. The infographic reads:

George R.R. Martin has only completed five books of his seven book series, yet it’s already one of the longest stories ever told. At roughly 1,770,000 words, the first five books are 3.7 times as long as The Lord of the Rings. 

It goes on to show how many times specific novels would fit into this not-yet-completed series.

  • Pride and Prejudice (14.5 x)
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude (12.2 x)
  • Infinite Jest (3.1 x)

To give it a different perspective, the infographic also shows how many times The Great Gatsby would fit into each of the first five books in the series. This infographic is fun, timely, and completely sharable. It could also be printed for display inside your bookstore, especially if you physically “stack” the books against each other. The concept, design, and source credit has been designed into the graphic. I’ve included a smaller version of the infographic below. But for the original size (which you’ll want if you print), visit Electric Literature here. Game of Books Infographic from ElectricLiterature.com

Concept: Lincoln Michel | Design: Nadxi Nieto | Source: ElectricLiterature.com

Beth Golay

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