National Book Award Whatnot

National Book Award Whatnot

Congratulations to all of the National Book Award winners announced last night.

Below are some of my favorite tweets from a couple of the winners as well as an audio clip from fiction winner Jesmyn Ward. I recently interviewed her for the Marginalia podcast and I asked her if her awards–the National Book Award and MacArthur fellowship–affected her writing. This clip was a favorite from our conversation. (To hear it–and see a nifty SoundCite feature from KnightLab–click on the paragraph below.)

“I don’t have any of my awards at my house. I bring them all to my mom’s and she keeps them at her house. So out of sight, out of mind. You know, it helps so that I can forget them, in some ways, when I’m writing. Of course, when I come out of the writing daze I remember that I’ve been really lucky and that I’ve won these things. But while I’m writing I can’t think about it. It really affects my creative process.”

Beth Golay

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