New Rules of Engagement Bait

Gone are the days when Facebook was solely used to keep up with direct friends. It seems as our newsfeeds are now cluttered with links to quizzes, articles, and the like that we did not ask to see. Facebook users complained. And Facebook listened. 

Late last month, Facebook announced their new aim to fight the use of engagement bait. Engagement bait is a tactic used by Facebook Page users who seek to gain more likes, comments, and shares by using phrases such as “LIKE this if you agree!”

To combat this, Facebook will demote posts that use engagement bait to seek more authentic engagement. Not only will this affect individual posts, but Facebook will be enforcing tougher demotions on Pages that repeatedly use engagement bait. 

So how does this affect your bookstore? If your social media strategy uses this tactic to engage your readers, then you may see a decrease in Page and post reach. To avoid being demoted by the algorithm, try sharing posts that garner a more natural engagement. Your followers love to see your bookselling faces, and if you post more of them, the likes and shares should come naturally.

Or you can always post a picture of your cat.

Liz Golay

Liz Golay is new to the full time working world. She just received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from Kansas State University. She's using her many years of social media experience to help out her mom with Books & Whatnot. (And she's kind of paying back for all those years of room and board.)